Paul Kennedy has been kind enough to write a review about his experience at Tuira Chiropractic – Paul came to us in 2012 with chronic pain in his lower back (suffering with this for 6 years) – you can read about his chiropractic journey below:

“When I made my first appointment with Tuira Chiropractic in October 2012 I had been suffering from chronic pain in my lower back for a number of years. The pain would wake me from my sleep many times during the night, and my mobility was so compromised that there were days I would actually carry a large umbrella around just to use it as a walking stick.

At this stage I was 32, and had been experiencing pain since the age of 26. I couldn’t get up from a sofa unaided, and I could barely bend over and touch my shins with my fingertips. I had seen a number of physios – one of whom said he had ‘literally never seen anything like this before’ when referring to the behavior of the vertebrae on my lower spine. I had seen a doctor about it, and was prescribed painkillers, which I ended up taking regularly to block out the pain. I had accepted the fact that back pain was just something I was going to have to live with, and so, over the years, I had adjusted my movements to accommodate and avoid the inevitable twinges and pangs that had plagued me for so long.

My first visit to Ted was a revelation. After my initial consultation and first adjustment I felt like a new man. I visited Ted once a week, having regular adjustments and working at home on a stretching routine, recommended by Ted.

Its just over two years now since I started rehabilitating my back through chiropractic care. I can now bend over – keeping my legs straight – and lay my palms flat on the floor. My mobility has been drastically improved. I can now rise from the sofa, not only unaided, but while holding my infant daughter in my arms. I haven’t taken one tablet for back pain since I first visited Ted. I now have regular adjustments. My visits to Tuira Chiropractic are an important part of my routine and ongoing rehabilitation.testimoial2016pic

Paul Kennedy, Belfast, Jan 2015

Natalie McCroary came to us with her 4 old year old daughter suffering from pain in her ear, read her story below…

I have been attending Ted for many years and had been telling him about taking my 4 year old daughter Holly to the Doctors about her bad hearing and her screaming with pain in her ear. Also her Nursery School suggesting she be referred to speech therapy due to her speech being behind where it should be.

The doctors referred her onto the Ear Nose and Throat where they said her ear was too blocked with wax to see into the ear drum. They sent her home and told me to put almond oil in the ears each day to loosen the wax and gave her an appointment to return in a month. As well as this she had 5 urine infections in 6 months and I really didn’t want to keep giving her antibiotics. Ted suggested I bring her in, which I did.

I was a little nervous about taking her but knew it was for her own good. She was a little tearful getting the adjustment doen – not because it hurt, just with nerves. I am glad to say that since attending Ted she has had no more urine infections.

She returned to ENT for her appointment (without using almond oil) an the wax was nearly all gone, they removed what was left and her hearing has improved dramatically. Her ears being cleared has had a knock on affect with her speech which is steadily improving.

Now she loves going to Ted’s to get her ‘neck done’ as she calls it. He is great with kids and although a little daunting for them at first, they soon get used to it. I’m glad I took her to Ted as I don’t like giving the kids medication if it can be helped.

As a parent I know how hard it is to see your child in pain or sick and it’s great there are other options out there like Chiropractors that avoid medication.

Thanks Ted – Natalie McCroary 2015