A sceptical Wilson McCoary came to Ted suffering from pain in his upper arm, read his story below…

I am a HGV driver and I would mostly put my aches and pains down to constant sitting and the jumping in and out of the lorry. My wife had been attending Ted for years and recommended I go and see him for some pain relief.

I fully admit I was sceptical about chiropractic work, although I could see the help he gave my wife. So I decided to go along, I explained to Ted about a soreness in the muscle in my upper arm and about the tiredness and difficulty sleeping that I had been experiencing.

Ted gave me an initial consultation and then set to work. He gave me homework to do and within a few visits I could see the difference in my sleeping and the amount of energy I had after having my adjustment. I am glad to say that I have had no more bother with the pain in my upper arm which is a relief due to the job I have.

Thanks ted for all your help – Wilson McCoary 2014

Natalie has been attending Ted for many years, Ted had helped her with more than just back pain, read her story below..

I started attending Ted in 2006 for pins and needles into my left arm. My parents had both been attending him and recommended I went. He gave me a routine check and started working on me that day. He sent me home with exercises to do and by the next day the pins and needles had lifted from my arm. I went regularly as he suggested and have n0t been bothered since.

Over the years Ted has helped me with many issues, some being headaches, hip pain, shoulder pain, soreness into my leg, constipation, irregular monthly cycle and more. Most people think that chiropractors are for sore backs only but would be suprised to learn he can help with so many other things. I just mention to him what has been ailing me and he does his best to help. He doesn’t just fix the surface problem he works at it to resolve the issue completely.

I have recommended Ted to so many people and those who have gone to him have been pleased with the results. Can’t praise him enough.

Natalie McCroary 2014

Robert came to us suffering with severe headaches, read how Tuira Chiropractic was able to help below….

I have always been prone to headaches but during the summer they became increasingly worse and I was taking painkillers at least 5 days a week.  In the run up to Christmas they were constant, 24/7 and I was often up taking pain relief in the middle of the night.  I had spoken to the pharmacist and he had given me the strongest possible over the counter medication together with advice to visit my GP.

However my wife had also been imploring me to make an appointment with Ted.  I finally agreed but by this time the Clinic was closed for 2 weeks over Christmas.  Dear me, such a long two weeks! By now I also had an upset stomach from overuse of pain relief as well as the headaches.

I got the earliest available appointment in January and that was the turning point.  My initial consultation was very thorough, I had lots of adjustments and the pain relief was almost instant.  My headaches eased and I didn’t need any pain relief the following day..miraculous!  I attended regularly for 6 weeks, did the exercises Ted recommended and in a very short space of time I felt better that I had done for a very long time.  I now come every 6 to 8 weeks for maintenance treatments and recommend Ted’s expertise very highly.

Robert Fleck – 2014

 Dominik, Susan & Peter Kertesz  – read about a whole family’s experience with Tuira Chiropractic

“I am writing this testimonial for my whole family as we all have received great help from Dr. Tuira, Ted.

My baby was born with muscles so stiff in the neck, it looked like a lump. He was only able to turn his head into one direction. Unfortunately, physiotherapy did not bring any change in his condition at all. After the third treatment with Ted though he was able to move his head in both ways and within a few months of regular treatments the stiffness almost totally disappeared.

As for myself, due to an almost fatal road-traffic accident (was hit by a van) over a decade ago, even though I have recovered, my body was still facing a lot of pain. Yoga and lifestyle changes helped a lot but did not solve the problem. After giving birth to my son, my back and pelvic pain became so severe I was hardly able to take it. At my consultation with Ted, he found the root of the problem and was able to give partial relief straight away. Weeks of hard work came for both us. Instead of saying what I had been told so many times before: ‘You are lucky to be alive. What else do you want?’, Ted saw a challenge in me and put all his knowledge into practice. And it worked. He also showed me exercises to do on a daily basis so I could also take an active part in my recovery.

Seeing our improvement my husband joined us in the treatments. He had a very stiff body from quite a young age. Ted helped him a great deal with improving his flexibility and had a great impact on changing his lifestyle to a healthier one.

It was not only Ted’s professional knowledge and extensive experience but also his friendly, people-centered approach towards everybody that helped all of us. His absolutely natural way of treating my little baby was the strongest proof that we found the right person for all of us.

Thank you!”

Dominik, Susan & Peter Kertesz

Frank came to us with back trouble  -something he spent 30 years trying to find help for, read his testimonial below…

“I have had back trouble since I was 20 years old from working on building sites. I’ve spent over 30 years trying to find help, including surgery, but I did not find any relief until I found Ted. He not only helped me, he educated me, changing my life, and that is not an exaggeration. I would tell anyone who is in pain to put your trust in Ted. Not a short term fix, a life  changing one.”

Frank McAllister – April 2014
Woodvale Road
Belfast BT13

I have suffered for over 15 years with lower back pain after having an accident at work. I have spent a small fortune in the past with physios which helped but the problem keeps coming back. Last month my back went on me again, and once again I found myself contorted into weird positions trying to relieve some of the pressure and again reaching for the painkillers. I decided to try something new and I came across chiorpracticbelfast.

I didn’t really know what to expect except from watching some videos on youtube but I went in with an open mind. Ted discussed my problems with me and examined and tested what I could and couldn’t do. He was able to pin point areas just from the way I sat and the way I stood that where causing the problems. He is very enthusiastic in his approach and explained verbally and visually the how’s and why’s. This is all well and good but how is he going to fix me? Well after the explanations where done the real work started. I couldn’t believe that in the first time in 15 years I didn’t have that dull pain running down my legs and back There was a tear in my eye with relief.

Dan Heggan – Feb 2014

I have been going to Ted now for just under a month, every visit he explains what he is going to do. Its not just in crack your back and out again. Ted is retraining not just how my body functions but also retrains the thought process and wants you to ask as many questions as you can. Already my posture is better and I swear that I am taller. I don’t have the severe pain that I had and I have so much more flexibility. Every time I visit I come away with homework various stretches that compliment the adjustments that Ted does on me. I would highly recommend a visit to a chiropractor don’t leave it as long as I have to get fixed.

Thank you Ted