I walked into Dr Ted Tuiras’ clinic in October 2011, as a 23 year old wreak. I had absolutely no knowledge of what chiropractic care entailed but after hitting a brick wall with everything and everyone else I was willing to try absolutely anything. At my first consultation, Ted was enthusiastic about the challenge ahead. He gave me his word that he could guarantee I would be much improved for Christmas 2011 and could venture out of retirement in the new year……read the full testimonial

Frances Conway 20/01/12

I am a 55 year old retired nurse and my first visit to a chiropractor was end of July 2008…That Tuesday afternoon I arrived in severe pain, walking with two sticks and supported by my elderly parents. On that day, I left Teds practice

without having to use the sticks, with complete confidence that I needed a continuing course of care to strengthen my back and to help me achieve a better lifestyle. My posture has improved, mobility much better and I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Ted. To me he is a miracle worker as it has made such a difference to my life.

Moira McVeigh 09/09/2008

I first met with Dr. Tuira for the first time in December of 2005. I came in with my wife because she had a sore neck. I thought I should see what a chiropractor could do for me since I also suffer from back pain, have some issues with my

knees and have an issue with my tailbone…Ted identified all my problem areas and set out a schedule to fix them. I was somewhat skeptical (he was claiming a lot) but over the next month, my back was not hurting me any more and I have a noticeable improvement in tailbone. I look forward to continuing my super hero body building with Dr. Ted Tuira! (Ohh, My wife’s neck is completely better too!)


Andrew Ferguson 03/02/2006

I came to Ted as a 27 year old who could barely walk down a flight of stairs because of a chronic knee injury that I had developed six years earlier…Within weeks of getting regular help from Ted (and conversations with Gillian!), the pain in my knees began to alleviate. I believe that Ted’s ability to look beyond the site of injury and his belief in change have been key to my improvement.

Lexi Boyle

Dear Ted, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all the chiropractic services that you have provided me. When I came into your office in February I was in really bad shape! I was working 75 hours a week at a computer at a stressful job and it was taking a toll on my back and neck. As you know I would get pounding headaches in the afternoon and would have hip pain and leg pain that would prevent me sleeping at night…You were excellent, as my treatment progressed my condition improved dramatically. I embraced the changes you suggested and it overtuned my entire life.

Michelle Sharma