From the age of 14 I had always had trouble with my shoulder.  I had sought advice from many doctors and physio’s who all passed me on saying there was nothing they could do.  I also had trouble with my lower back and due to my nature of work this caused me problems carrying out daily tasks.  Within a few sessions with Ted I could feel the improvements and I have felt so great.  I’ve had no pains in my back and my shoulder is definitely  improving.

Christina Horner

I had surgery when I was 16 where metal rods were bolted to my spine.  My surgery involved spinal fusion and bone graft.  This was to correct the curve and keep my spine straight.  This prevented me from participating in any form of sport for a year.  Infection set in 18 months later and I had 3 more operations.  With the third of these my metal rods were removed as the infection wouldn’t clear.  Normally the surgeon would leave all metal work in.  Six months later in a review with my consultant the x-ray showed that the curve had came back and was now at two places in my spine.  I was fitted to wear a Boston Brace.  This had to be worn for 6 months with the hope that the bone graft from my previous surgery would set with my spine straight.

My brace was fitted in March and I came to see Ted in June for Chiropractic treatment.  He began to work with me and gave me various exercises which I did at home.  I started going for treatment three times a week, then twice a week, then once a week and now a year on I go once every six weeks if needed.

Due to my surgery and the curve in my spine my movement had become very restricted.  Working with Ted has allowed me a lot more freedom of movement.  I have more strength and flexibility.  After a number of weeks working with Ted I was able to touch my toes, squat, and do other things which previously were impossible for me.  Also, a huge bonus is that I can now happly participate in sports.

Joanne McDowell