In January 2011 I was in a car accident.  In the months that followed I had countless amounts of Doctors’ appointments.  Physiotherapy, Bowen Therapy and Hydrotherapy.  Whilst I did make small improvements it was nothing substantial.  The treatments I received tended to address specific problems the practitioner deemed to be important whilst blatantly ignoring others that, to me, were of equal importance.  Ten months on I still had severe headaches, chest  pain/heaviness (sternum and ribs), back pain, neck pain and stiffness, nausea/loss of appetite, dizziness, pins and needles at the back of my head and down both arms and just poor power in my arms and hands in general.  I in turn had significant difficulty doing otherwise simple, normal things like walking, breathing, sleeping, eating, getting dressed, climbing stairs or carrying/lifting anything and driving.  My range of movement was deplorable.  I was also still on medication for pain and inflammation.

I walked into Dr Ted Tuiras’ clinic in October 2011, as a 23 year old wreak.  I had absolutely no knowledge of what chiropractic care entailed but after hitting a brick wall with everything and everyone else I was willing to try absolutely anything.  At my first consultation, Ted was enthusiastic about the challenge ahead.  He gave me his word that he could guarantee I would be much improved for Christmas 2011 and could venture out of retirement in the new year.  I had seen and heard it all before so I didn’t pay much heed to it.  The initial adjustments were intense and tough going, between adjustments I just slept.  I bombarded Ted with questions by means to understand the process and in some ways suss out his capability.  He always explained everything clearly and concisely in lay mans terms and more importantly he was always straight forward and honest.  Ted’s approach was somewhat novel to me in that he had a genuine interest, positive attitude and maintained an all encompassing, affordable approach to treatment that addressed the whole body.

I’m writing this now in January 2012, with a whole new lease of life, thanks to Dr Ted Tuira.  I have regained full range of motion, and power in my arms/hands.  My appetite has returned, I’ve absolutely no problem sleeping or climbing stairs.  I no longer require assistance getting dressed, getting out of chairs or carrying every day things.  My breathing has also improved.  Whilst I acknowledge that I still require more treatments before I can return to my pre-accident state, I now wholeheartedly believe, with the help of Ted, that the goal line is not only achievable but also in sight.

I highly recommend Tuira Chiropractic, my only regret is that I didn’t know of it sooner.  I’m extremely grateful to Ted for all his hard work and to Gillian who is always very friendly, helpful and accommodating

Frances Conway