Welcome to Tuira Chiropractic, one of Belfasts leading Chiropractic Health Clinics. Theodore (Ted) Tuira BSc.DC focuses on a wide range of treatments.  Ted takes pride in his Chiropractic Practice and aims to improve your overall health and well-being in as short a time as possible.


 We are located on the Upper Ormeau Road, Belfast just 5 minutes outside the city centre.  Call us on (02890) 694112 to arrange an appointment. We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards


“I have had back trouble since I was 20 years old from working on building sites. I’ve spent over 30 years trying to find help, including surgery, but I did not find any relief until I found Ted. He not only helped me, he educated me, changing my life, and that is not an exaggeration. I would tell anyone who is in pain to put your trust in Ted. Not a short term fix, a life changing one.”
Frank McAllister
“Ted is very knowledgable (I am a doctor myself and his anatomy knowledge definitely trumps mine!) and attending him has markedly reduced my severe neck pain and headaches that arise from a complex spinal problem. He also identified the cause of my sciatic nerve pain (compression by piriformis muscle) and it has completely resolved. Definitely worth a try!”
Dr Judith Ewing


Treatment For: Back pain ~ Painful joints ~ Elbow pain ~ Neck pain ~ Migraines ~ Shoulder pain

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How does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic locates the cause of your ailment rather than just masking the symptoms with medication!

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Ted’s Experience

Ted has been practicing chiropractic since 1997 and has over 18 years of international chiropractic experience.


Chiro Kids

Has your child ever had their Spine checked? Keep your child’s spine aligned with Chiropractic Care.


Mission Statement

To help better educate the people of Northern Ireland about the health benefits of regular chiropractic treatment.